If You Played Pretend as a Child, You Might Become an Event Planner

Written By Morgan Hinish

Imagine if every day you went to work, and instead of doing countless stacks of paperwork and scribbling numbers, you played pretend. Being an adult, this can sound a little silly, playing pretend, but I grew up knowing that I never wanted to stop pretending.

I spent my entire childhood on a stage. I started acting when I was around seven years old and for a long time, I thought it was what I was meant to do. I had dreams and aspirations of Broadway. There were days where I would spend all day at a theatre, or even days where I was at more than one theatre. I was trying to hold as many roles as possible and soak up the spotlight. I lived in a world of pretending, which is actually more fun as an adult than as a kid.

When I turned sixteen, I wanted to have a huge birthday party. Sweet 16’s were all anyone could talk about, and I wanted mine to be the best. I picked my theme, New York City, of course, and I spent weeks picking out decorations and music and creating the perfect invitation. The party finally arrived and I realized that being at the party was only half the fun. Planning it was even better.

When I graduated high school I still had aspirations of being a theatre major. I had my heart set on my dream school, Point Park University, and when I didn’t get in for theatre, I thought it would be the end of my days pretending. What I didn’t realize at that time is that there are many more ways to create a performance than just being on a stage.

During my sophomore year of college I discovered the Campus Activities Board. I joined as soon as I could, and I started to learn about event planning. I planned my first event called “Late Night Breakfast” and it was Alice in Wonderland themed.

I quickly realized while planning the event that I never wanted to stop creating moments. The more events I had the opportunity to plan, the more I loved the concept of pursuing event planning as a career. When attending events, it’s hard to imagine how much goes into the “behind the scenes” and event creation. I love the concept of event styling, event decor and creating a theme. Every detail takes time, creativity and dedication to bring together a well-planned event.

When I first learned of Dickerson Creative Communications, I knew I wanted to be a part of the company and believed I would be a great fit. In 2018, I began volunteering at a few of their events and loved it. Christina was so happy with my creativity and work ethic, we began discussing my career path and she offered me the opportunity to become their Event Logistics Intern.

On my first day as an intern, she surprised me with attending Joe Mineo’s Open House in Youngstown, Ohio. Touring that incredible space and talking to other event planners was such a fantastic way of starting my internship! So fun! Christina has invited me to several events so I can see and experience different concepts and broaden my horizon when it comes to event planning. Learning about events from Christina has been absolutely amazing, and I continue to learn more and more from her each day. I am excited that I will continue helping with planning for various events throughout the fall and will continue to soak up as much information on events as I can get!

Even though my years of playing pretend didn’t take me in the direction I had originally planned, it made me appreciate all of the behind the scenes work it takes to put on an amazing event.


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